Because We Really Care About Your Pets

Welcome to Small Paws Care

We at Small Paws Care , have a warm heart for cold noses. We aim at providing you with the leading quality of Pet accessories, Food,Toys and Apparels.

We specialise in finding the best style for your Pet. We care for all sizes and breeds .

  • At Small Paws Care we believe that all pets deserve to look and feel their best .
  • Our grooming salon is designed to provide your pet with a Spa pampering experience that is totally stress free.

Our goal is to meet your pet’s every need with our professional and friendly staff, offering a wide array of professional Dog and Cat grooming services and products. A session with out groomer will ensure that your pet’s coat is clean shiny and matt free. Bring your furry ones to us and you will notice positive difference in your pet’s appearance right after our services. At Small Paws Care you are not just a client but a part of our family.

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Because We Really Care About Your Pets

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Because We Really Care About Your Pets

About the groomer

Lovina Shah - Groomer & Owner

A Florida resident and internationally certified in Pet styling and Show grooming, Lovina always had love and passion for animals.

Her interest in Grooming sparked when she was 17, and her own pet Lhasa-apso (Prince) had been having negative grooming experiences .

She fostered numerous pets and wanted to provide loving care to animals in her home, which would reduce their stress, so she got trained and opened up her dream ‘’Sniffernity’’.

Lovina specialises in scissor shaping, Feline grooming and hairstyling of dogs such as teddybear, lamb, puppy and continental clip.

Lovina got trained in China for 18 months and has mastered A class of grooming (FCI affiliated), worked as a Grooming instructor internationally, then worked as a full time groomer in multiple grooming salon in Florida. Her on hand experience of 5 years, ultimately led her to open up her own Pet store, Day care and Grooming Lounge.

Lovina emphatically believes that pets are family that you get to pick, and deserve the same level of care, affection and attention that you would provide any other family member.

Because We Really Care About Your Pets

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