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A recipe has no soul. I, as the cook, always try to bring soul to my recipe.


50 years back, India had numerous states, One of them being Rajputana. Rājputāna signifying "Place where there is the Rajputs", was a locale in India that included essentially the present-day Indian territory of Rajasthan, just as parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and some connecting regions of Sindh were separated in numerous realms or royal residences and represented by Rajput Kings, Known as a Rajasthan.
I have a place with a Rajput family and know the Royal Food Recipe. Consequently I tried to acclimate others of the our Royal Taste. Cooking is my obsession and I have been cooking throughout the previous 20 years.
I have constantly intended to open a restaurant. Beginning here, I might want to carry our flavor to your tables. Ideally one day we can take our flavors and assorted variety and present to you a restaurant.

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