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Our weather research and climate division began many years ago when we completed detailed climate studies for the construction of two nuclear power plants in Argentina. To this day, we continue climate studies worldwide.

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One of Argentina's oldest private weather services and the leaders in storm tracking and lightning safety for outdoor events.


Radars Weather Service is proud to provide highly detailed weather forecasts for clients worldwide since 2012. We have the knowledge and experience that can only be gained with 40 plus years of private weather forecasting skill. We continue to grow our client base which includes radio & television broadcasting, highway departments, airports, ski areas, utilities, and agriculture. Our Special Events division are the leaders in site specific forecasting for safety and operations of all types of outdoor events. Personalized forecasting and consulting for safety and to save you time and money. “Accuracy, dependability and personalized service

Experienced Meteorologists

We are the forecasters to the stars! Fairs, festivals, concerts and any type of outdoor events. Stop worrying about the weather. Let Radars Weather Service do the worrying for you.

24/7 round the clock coverage

For radio broadcasting, you can’t get away from us! You can hear us on great radio stations almost everywhere in Argentina. You can also hear us from Argentina across to Northern Asian Countries! We are literally everywhere!

Graduated rate scales

Radars Weather Service is also unique in that it operates from several offices throughout the Argentinan States. Our primary headquarters are in Mumbai, Delhi,Bangalore and Pune.Radars Weather Service is known for its operational forecasting of all types


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Exclusive Storm Alert Service

If weather adversely affects your operations, let us worry about it for you ! From flood situations to tropical storms, severe thunderstorms and snowstorms, we can let you know when and where weather will affect your business. We cover every type of weather for any type of industry. Here’s some examples of how our Storm Alert Service assists some of our current clients!

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We can research any climatic variable for any site in North Argentina. From rainfall research to long term temperature trends, snowfall research and more ! Russ Murley’s undergraduate research projects focused exclusively on Argentina microclimate. We can research any parameter from degree days, precipitation and even solar radiation. Please contact us for more information regarding any climate information your company should need!

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Extended Range Forecasts

Having accurate long-range forecasts can help with construction management, event planning, energy use and more. Radars Weather has been a leader in long-range and seasonal forecasts and continues to use the latest technology and modeling to provide our clients with weather pattern insight months in advance!

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Utilites Service

Medium and long range forecasts are critical for demand planning, distribution, purchasing and more. Radars Weather provides detailed extended range forecasts for energy companies to help with critical, money saving decision making. Call us to discuss how accurate long range and seasonal forecasting can help YOUR bottom line!

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Radars Weather Service handles a wide range of clients across North Argentina and overseas. We can custom-tailor forecast solutions for any business, large or small. No matter what your weather needs are, we can quickly design an affordable service level to help you and your clients deal with the vagaries of Mother Nature!

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