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About us

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How we are serving you ?

We are offering the most intricate menus and costly costs just as attempting to introduce a climate of style and elegance. Our itemized administrations regions are

1. Take Out
2. Delivery Foods
3. Catering

For more information please contract at 020 2613 4632

    APPETIZERS (Starters)

    • Veg. Samosa
      ₹ 3.45
      Flaky pastry stuffed with lightly spiced peas and potatoes.
    • Vegetable Pakoras
      ₹ 2.95
      A combinations of vegetables fried in a chick –pea flour.
    • Vegetables spring Roll
      Filled with Indian style vegetables and fried in deep
    • Mutton Ro
      ₹ 4.95
      Chunky pieces of Curried Mutton and potatoes rolled and deep fried in a pancake


    • Tandoori Chicken: Full
      ₹ 17.95
      Whole chicken marinated overnight with yogurt and authentic Indian spices then grilled in tandoori oven.
    • Tandoori Chicken: Half
      ₹ 9.95
      Whole chicken marinated overnight with yogurt and authentic Indian spices then grilled in tandoori oven.
    • Reshmi Kabob
      ₹ 9.95
      Minced chicken marinated in fresh ginger, onion and spices, threated on to skewers and grilled in our tandoori oven.

      LAMB OR BEEF (Boneless)

      • Bhuna ( Lamb/ Beef)
        ₹ 10.95
        Hot and spicy made with fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes and thick sauce
      • Rogan Josh ( Lamb/Beef)
        ₹ 10.95
        An exotic Kashmiri speciality of meat cooked in a rich almond sauce.
      • Vindaloo( Lamb/Beef)
        ₹ 10.95
        Lamb or Beef cooked in hot and spicy curry sauce.
      • Balti Karai Gohst( Lamb/ Beef)
        ₹ 10.95
        Your choice of lamb or beef, cooked in fresh ginger, garlic, tomatoes, green pepper, onion and medium spice.
      • Lamb or Beef Curry
        ₹ 10.95
        Boneless meat cooked in thick sauce.

      Crown’s Chicken Specialities

      • Butter Chicken
        ₹ 11.95
        Boneless , tender, white chicken cooked in a mild , creamy tomato sauce with a mellow flavour. Good for all ages.
      • Balti Chicken Jalfrezi
        ₹ 10.95
        Boneless white meat cooked with tomatoes, onion and green pepper
      • Chicken Tikka Masala
        ₹ 10.95
        B.B.Q  boneless chicken tikka , cooked in a delicious medium – spice sauce.
      • Chicken Korma
        ₹ 10.95
        Popular in the courts of Nawbabs, Chicken cooked in mild , creamy sauce with cashew nuts and saffron.
      • Chicken Vindaloo
        ₹ 10.95
        Chunks of chicken cooked in a fiery-red , hot curry sauce with chunks of potato.
      • Chicken Curry
        ₹ 10.95
        Boneless Chicken, white meat cooked in a thick sauce with ginger, garlic and special spices.
        ₹ 10.95
        A medium-hot curried chicken, cooked in an onion sauce with a touch of coconut and curry leaves


      • Shrimp Vindaloo
        ₹ 10.95
        Shrimp or fish cooked in a red-hot , spicy, curry sauce.
      • Shrimp Jalfrezi
        ₹ 10.95
        Shrimp cooked in medium spices with onions, tomatoes and green pepper

      Crown’s Vegetable Specials

      • Palak Panner
        ₹ 7.95
        Fresh spinach cooked with cottage cheese
      • Paneer Karahi
        ₹ 9.95
        Home made cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, green pepper, onion & thick medium sauce
      • Chana Masala
        ₹ 7.95
        Garbanzo peas cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices
      • Yellow Daal
        Red lentils with chopped onion, garlic & spices
      • Vegetable Jalfrezi
        ₹ 7.95
        Mixed vegetables cooked in a dry sauce with tomatoes, onion and green pepper
      • Matter Paneer
        ₹ 8.95
        Green peas cooked with cottage cheese and roasted cashew
      • Paneer Makhni
        ₹ 8.95
        Homemade cottage cheese cooked in a creamy butter sauce
      • Vegetable Vindaoo
        ₹ 7.95
        Good news for veggie lovers! Mixed vegetables cooked in a red hit fiery thick sauce with potatoes
      • ALOO GOBHI
        ₹ 7.95
        Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with ginger, garlic and spices


      • Naan
        ₹ 2.25
        Light and fluffy bread prepared in our tandoori oven
      • Roti
        ₹ 1.95
        Whole wheat flaky bread
      • Aloo Paratha
        ₹ 2.95
        Puffy pastry filled with smashed, spiced potatoes
      • Garlic Naan
        ₹ 3.50


      • Pulao Rice
        ₹ 3.45
        Basmati Rice steamed with Spices and steamed
      • Steamed Rice
        ₹ 2.95
        Steamed, Long grain basmati rice
        ₹ 10.95
        Shrimp Cooked in Basmati rice and seasonings
      • Vegetable Biriayni
        ₹ 6.95
        Basmati rice, Stir-fried with mixed vegetables
      • Chicken Biriyani
        ₹ 10.95
        Stuffed with chopped onion chicken and baked in our tandoori.
      • Lamb or Beef Biriyani
        ₹ 10.95
        Chunks of lamb or beef, marinated with spices and steamed with rice


      • Cucumber salad
        ₹ 3.95
        Diced onions, tomatoes, Cucumber with lemon and dressing with indian spices
      • Mango and lime pickles
        ₹ 1.95
      • Raita
        ₹ 1.95
        Homemade yogurt with grated cucumber


      • Gulabjamun
        ₹ 2.49
        Milk dumpling dipped in sugar syrup


        • Mango Lassi
          ₹ 2.95
          Yogurt shake with pure mango pulp
        • Soft Drinks
          ₹ 1.50
        • Ice Tea
          ₹ 1.50


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        Prefer to make your order via phone? Give us a call! You can contact us between 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM ever day of the week. Our Phone number is 020 2613 4632 

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