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The famous Astrological couple, A V Subramanian and Indira Subramanian increasingly known as Astro HocuspocusS) are innate expert Astrologers (spreading over 4-5 ages) giving Astrological forecasts and direction for more than 25 years.

Life Reading, Annual Reading, Individual part of life, Marriage coordinating, endorsing Remedial measures, Prashna Astrology are a portion of our Astrology administrations.

The administrations offered are under the study of prescient astrology and exhorting appropriate therapeutic measures.

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Words from our clients

Ever since our inception we have been having a lot of satisfactory clients. Here are some of the testimonials from our very esteemed clients

Thanks a lot for the report. We did go thro it once again and we could get to know a lot more. We are very satisfied with your analysis and we wish to express our...

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Thank you Indraji. All is well I keep remembering you and your guidance in my difficult times, Yes you are absolutely right I am feeling all very positive in within...

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My career has gone in exactly same ways as per your prediction.
I got onsite opportunity and in 2012 and H1B Visa process is completed by Jan 13...

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Thank you for your kind answer. It is our honor to be teached by teacher Subramanian.Now I have read your answer. Your advices are always deep...

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I send you information from the customer Ms. YM,
My daughter changed her mind after I recited the Mantra which you taught me. Thank you...

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Branches of Modern Astrology

Prasna framework is an interrogatory, horary, electional, occasion translation astrology in which an inquiry is posed concerning when will this occur

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Remedial Measure

The Hindu framework has confidence in past Karma which again can't be changed, however the current Karma can be controlled through specific cures.

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